Track-record FG Lawyers

Sale of Xendo  to Sovereign Capital (May 2016)
FG Lawyers advised the founders in selling Xendo, a leading independent consultancy and project management organisation in the fields of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and healthcare, to Sovereign Capital, a UK private equity buy & build specialist. The transaction was structured in the form of a management buy-out (MBO).

CrowdFundRES Project (May 2016)
In cooperation with the University of Groningen, FG Lawyers contributed for the Netherlands in a research project under the Horizon2020 Program of the European Commission in respect of crowdfunding in renewable energy projects. The research report can be downloaded here.

Crowdfunding Crossing Borders (March 2016)
Together with CrowdfundingHub, FG Lawyers conducted a research in 11 EU Member States in respect of the civil law liability risks attached to crowdfunding crossing borders. The research report can be downloaded here.

Sale of by Sanoma (Febuary 2016)
FG Lawyers advised in selling, one of the biggest car marketplaces in the Netherlands, to, being part of the Scout24 Group.

Advising Verenigde Samenwerkende Kredietunies (January 2016)
In co-operation with Zuidbroek Ondernemingsrecht Notarissen, FG Lawyers assisted the Dutch branch organisation for credit unions, Verenigde Samenwerkende Kredietunies, in drafting the template documentation for its members, several credit unions who either use the intermediation model or the banking model.

Implementation Zencap acquisition by Funding Circle (December 2015)
FG Lawyers has supported Funding Circle in the Netherlands with the implementation of the Zencap acquisition (which now trades as Funding Circle).

Advising Stichting Full Reserve in setting up a full reserve bank (December 2015)
FG Lawyers assisted Stichting Full Reserve in, at the request of the Dutch Central Bank, conducting a financial regulatory research mapping the Dutch possibilities and barriers in the current laws and regulations for founding a riskless full reserve bank the deposit holders of which would also be able to use their accounts for engaging in cashless payment transactions.

Series B financing BiosanaPharma (December 2015)
FG Lawyers advised BiosanaPharma, an Australian-Dutch enterprise that is engaged in the development and production of monoclonal antibodies with a focus on biosimilars, in getting its Series B funding from Ginward Ltd. (Uk/Singapore).

BioNovion sale to Auduro Biotech (September 2015)
FG Lawyers advised BioNovion and its founders in the sale of BioNovion by the founders and seed investors to Auduro Biotech, a company listed on NASDAQ that performs research and development in the field of immune-therapy against cancer.

Debt sale by Santander to PRA (September 2015)
FG Lawyers advised Santander Consumer Finance Benelux in a forward flow debt sale transactions to PRA Group, a company listed on NASDAQ and one of the worldwide market leaders in debt recovery.

Co-operation of BioNovion and Genmab (2014/2015)
FG Lawyers advised BioNovion in the process of joining forces with Genmab A/S, listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic Market, in respect of research and development of antibodies for immune-therapy against cancer.

Restructuring Homburg Invest/Geneba properties (March 2014)
FG Lawyers advised the (interim) management of Geneba properties, listed on the NPEX trading platform, in restructuring Homburg Invest, a Canadian property fund from which the company derived.

Sale part of asset management portfolio of Aberdeen Asset Management (September 2013)
FG Lawyers advised Aberdeen Asset Management in the sale of a part of its asset management portfolio in the Netherlands to BNP Paribas.